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    Fuzhou Hongda Textiles Co., Ltd.,  founded in 1990, is a private enterprise with flexible management mechanism, advanced technologies, top processing equipment and strict Q.C. system. Located in Fotayang Industrial Zone in Jinfeng Town, Changle, Fujian, China, the company is close to Changle Airport and Mawei Port, enjoying superior geographic location and rich information resources..

    With occupied floor area of 18,000 sq. meters, the company is armed with 130 sets of Karl Mayer high-speed warp knitting machines, 25 sets of high-speed beaming machines and 40 sets of tricot machines, with annual production capacity of over 15,000 tons. We now have over 200 employees including more than 30 managers and technicians. Integrating R & D of new products, weaving and sales, we mainly produce polyester, nylon and spandex-based products, including mesh, plain fabrics (luster, semi-dull and dull), elastic fabrics (high-elasticity and low-elasticity), base cloth, velvet(swansdown, clinquant velvet and mercerized velvet), industrial fabrics, double-layer fabrics etc. (after-finish includ resin treatment, fluorescence, UV protection, fire retardant, anti-static etc.), which are widely used in sportswear, home-textiles, cases & bags, handbags, automotive trim, tents, toys and underwears etc., and have been sold all around the world.

    Sticking to the philosophy of "Love, Honesty, Innovation, Pioneering; Quality First, Customer Satisfaction", we put strict control on product quality, and have established a high-efficiency and strict quality control system covering raw material purchasing & storage, production, quality inspection, product warehousing etc. Since founding, the company has ever been honored as "Municipal Key Enterprise", "Trustworthy Enterprise", "Grade AAA Enterprise" etc., and is was approved by IS090001.

    Today's achievements would be impossible without the efforts of all Hongda people and the support of friends from all walks of life. Today, in the 21st century, we are facing new opportunities and new challenges, and we are ready to join hands with all friends for a bright tomorrow!

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